All our woods are high resistant to tread. Marks may occur due to impacts, falls, heavy weights on small areas (furniture), stilettos, small stones or pieces of metal underneath the shoes.

The finish is high resistant to scratches and usually it can be easily restored.



  • This product is exclusively for professional use on flat surfaces held to be suitable for this use by installers. Any other designated use could impair the functionality of the product.
  • The material must be stored in dry storage areas.
  • Application must be done in compliance with the responsibility criteria described in UNI 11265:2007 standards, according to the procedures set out in UNI 11368:2010 standards and also in accordance with the evaluation criteria envisaged by UNI CEN/TS 15717 standards.
  • The site must be suitable for application with room moisture between 45-60% and temperatures between 18-21°C. Application must be done after exterior windows and doors have been installed and after interior plaster has dried.
  • The subbase must be made on a suitable vapor barrier and have the characteristics specified in UNI 11371 standards.
  • The moisture of the concrete subbase must be measured using a “carbide hygrometer” as specified in UNI 10329 standards. According to UNI 11371:2010 standards a traditional concrete subbase must have a value equal to or less than 2.0% by weight whereas an anhydrite screed must have a value equal to or lower than 0.2%.
  • Wood boards can be installed according to the technique or techniques specified. Flooring that is glued in place must use exclusively two-part adhesives or the equivalent. For floating installation it is necessary to use vinyl glue in the joints. Always leave at least 8/10 mm of space between perimeter walls and the wood flooring. This gap will subsequently be covered by a suitable thick skirtings board. Any glue that leaks out must be immediately cleaned while it is “fresh” without using alcohol, solvents or other thinners. If it is necessary to use a “cleaner” then use only neutral and non-aggressive products to avoid damage to the finish (especially for oiled and varnished/waxed floors). We highly recommend you perform tests on uninstalled samples to make sure the product does not damage their surface.
  • Installation on “radiant” screed, which is only for the types of wood specified, may only be done if the screed has been made as specified in UNI EN-1264-4 standards and after having performed at least one complete heating cycle (2 cycles would be better) and checked to make sure the heating/cooling system operates properly.
    It is always best, even for formats where both floating and glued installations are to be used, to glue the material in order to achieve better stability and heat transmission. It is necessary to use a specific “thermo-foam” layer when floating installation is used (when possible). Start the heating system gradually the first time heating begins during the winter season. The temperature of the heating fluid must not exceed 26°/29°C. Be careful to maintain room moisture conditions between 45% and 60%. Avoid covering the parquet with carpets or other thermal insulators to avoid abnormal shrinkage and the formation of cracks and slits.
  • Whenever the floor is supplied raw it must be finished in the shortest possible period of time.



BOARD 15 mm
To lay by floating installation (with soundproofing mat) or by a bi-component adhesive (or equivalent). In case of floating installation use vinyl adhesive to bond the tongue and groove edges.

CHEVRON 15 mm (45° e 30°)

The installation of this product should be performed only glued with two-component adhesive or equivalent.


Oak and Walnut can be installed over subloors complying to UNI EN 1264-4.
Prior to installation check the heating/air-conditioning system is perfectly working (no water or steam leakage). The laying must be done after the uder-flooring has been conditioned, that is the heating turned on and off at least twice and have a final environmental temperature of 18/20°C (with heating turned off). Installation by a bi-component adhesive or equivalent is recommended; in case of floating installation for BIG BOARD three-layers 20 mm and BOARD three-layers 15 mm, the use of a suitable mat is necessary.
Installation over radiant heat is not recommended for BLACK LOCUST, CHERRY and ELM.
For further assistance or clarification, please contact our technical department is at your disposal.



Modern decoration concepts give a key role to parquet in interior design. Maintenance of parquet is very important, just as it is with other décor components. Only a few simple maintenance procedures will keep your parquet in excellent shape for a long period of time. We start proper maintenance with the interior environment: the place where we live is the same place where our parquet “lives”. We recommend keeping a constant temperature between 16°C and 22°C and a moisture between 45% and 65%.This will give you a healthy environment and permit your parquet to remain stable for a long time.
Another obvious point is to place a good quality mat at the entryway. This lets you clean your shoes well and avoids carrying sand or small stones onto the parquet where they could scratch it. For routine cleaning and dusting we recommend using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush specifically for parquet or using an antistatic cloth like those found commonly on the market. Periodic washing of your Mardegan Legno parquet, whether it has a varnish or an oil/wax fi nish, must be done using a neutral detergent like our PALLADIO detergent. Wash with a soft and well-squeezed cloth. Avoid unnecessarily “flooding” the floor. Avoid using very strong detergents or any type of acid which could damage the surface.
For extraordinary maintenance you must use specific cleaning products depending on the type of finish.
For varnished parquet you can use our VIVALDI product: a protective compound for varnished parquet that restores its original appearance and protects the varnish from small scratches and dirt.
For oil/wax treated parquet you should use our TINTORETTO product. This product is specifically designed to nourish and renew the surface of parquet treated with oil/wax.
It is easy to use and extremely effective.



  • To keep your parquet in good shape you should: place a mat at the entryway to your home; remove dust on a regular basis; clean with a cloth dampened with water and neutral no-foam detergent for parquet.
  • Periodically use specific maintenance and/or protection products depending on the type of finish (varnished, oiled or waxed). This is a fundamental and indispensable procedure, especially for oiled and waxed finishes. Our engineering department is at your full disposal to recommend the best products to use depending on the type of finish you have.
  • Maintain proper interior temperature and moisture conditions, similar to those that were present when the parquet was installed, to avoid formation of cracks, swelling and ridges in the parquet.


  • Avoid loading the floor with heavy weights concentrated on small portions of parquet,
  • Avoid covering the floor with carpets or other objects when it has recently been installed.
  • Falling sharp or pointed objects may cause scratches and furrows.
  • The presence of pets can cause formation of scratches / furrows and stains / halos.
  • When objects and furniture have wheels make sure they have rubber wheels suitable for parquet.
  • Falling embers and open flames cause burns.
  • Ultraviolet rays may, with the passage of time, alter the color and hue of the parquet (oxidation effect).
Our engineering department is at your full disposal for all further information or clarifi cations.



Natural waxes water-based emulsion. It refreshes and protects dull and worn surfaces. Product for a periodical maintenance of varnished and natural or colored oiled parquet.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:After having cleaned the floor with the proper Mardegan detergent, apply Vivaldi pure or diluted with a soft damp cloth. Spread uniformly the product and let it dry. After one hour, refreshing wax with a dry soft cloth. Keep away from children. Keep away from freeze – Store at ambient temperature.


Natural soap for oiled and waxed wooden floors

Natural soap recommended for frequent cleaning of oiled parquet. It cleans the wood and feeds it, improving the protective characteristics of the oil treatment. It exists in white version for whitened wooden floors.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:Shake before use. Pour two caps of Tintoretto in 5 liters of warm water; then wash the surface with a perfectly wrung damp cloth. Rinsing is not necessary. For periodical maintenance of the floor, we recommend the use of Vivaldi refreshing wax. In accordance with Reg. 648/2004 and following amendments and adjustments. It contains soap (5-15%). Keep away from children. Keep away from freeze – Store at ambient temperature.


Neutral soap for wooden floors

Highly concentrated neutral soap particularly suitable for the frequent cleaning of parquet. Thanks to its neutral pH and wax content, it cleans and refreshes the surface, respecting the wood and leaving a pleasant household soap flavor.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:Shake before use. Pour two caps of neutral soap Palladio into 5 l. of warm water. Wash the surface with a damp and well wrung mop. Rinsing is not necessary. For periodical maintenance, the use of Vivaldi refreshing wax is recommended.In accordance with Reg. 648/2004 and following amendments and adjustments. Contains non ionic tensionactives with biodegradability >90% EDTA (<5%), perfume. Keep away from children. Keep away from freeze – Store at ambient temperature.